MK Redways

I’m Colin and I live in Milton Keynes.

I love the Milton Keynes Redways and cycle routes and I know them really well – I’ve been leading guided rides around them for the last couple of years – and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.

There is no better way to get to know the redways than actually travelling on them. To encourage you to do this I’d like to show you some of my favourite routes and help you enjoy them by yourself.

There are (will be anyway) routes on these pages which are good for walking, running, and cycling depending on your preference. My own preference is cycling so please forgive me if they seem to be more for cyclists than anyone.

Each series of routes will be based around a particular area and should offer a variety of distances and difficulties. All of them will be redway/cycle route based but where the route has to use a road it will be a lightly used local or sub-urban road, friendly to bikes, and suitable for supervised children and families.

The first set of routes will be based around the popular Caldecotte Lake area.

If you have any experience of using the Redways in MK why not tell us your story – was it fabulous; what problems did you come across; can you suggest anything to avoid; is it a good or bad experience?Get in touch and let us all know how you’ve got on.

A Note about Photo Credits

There are a lot of photos on this website and in the associated Google Maps maps.

Many of these photos are my own and are copyright C Bownes 2018/2019. If you want to use these photos for personal use or for non-commercial social reasons – such as encouraging cycling in Milton Keynes – please feel free to use them. If you need higher resolutions I have all the originals so please contact me about it.

All aerial views are from Google Maps and are used under the terms of Google permissions – all copyrights are recognised.

I am immensly grateful to Mike Dodd – a local photographer who has allowed me to use some of his images. They are all (c) Mike Dodd – See more of his beautiful images at his web site :


I have also used some ‘web’ old images that I haven’t been able to find a suitable credit for. I recognise the copyright of any that I haven’t been able to attribute but if the photo is yours and you don’t want me to use please contact me and I’ll remove it immediately.